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Voted Most Passionate Speaker

Thought-Leader 200 Speaker Pitch-Day Competition 2023

"Cheyenne Burnett is a true powerhouse as a speaker, sharing transformational ideas for women and their allies. Her presentations are riveting, leaving the audience deeply moved, and often in tears, as she shares her vulnerable experiences of gaslighting and the journey of discovering her self-worth. Cheyenne's empathetic leadership style, coupled with her ability to strike a balance between confidence and humility, is rare. "

Meghan Bonde M.A. CCC-SLP, EdS

"Cheyenne's topic holds immense relevance in shaping the discourse on health and beauty. By championing awareness and advocating for comprehensive research, she paves the way for safer and more informed cosmetic procedures."

Dr. George Burnbach

#TEDxWoodinville 2023

Cheyenne is an accomplished and charismatic women’s health advocate, author, and speaker with a passion for helping women regain their health and confidence. As founder of ExplantSecrets.com, she has become a leading authority on breast implant illness education, offering effective and affordable solutions to those in need. Cheyenne has been featured on FOX News, CNC, The Times, Women On Topp, and recently made her red dot debut at TEDxWoodinville. When she's not empowering women to put their health first and embrace their natural beauty she can be found exploring the great outdoors with the love of her life Brad, and their
three awesome kids.


What others are saying About Cheyenne

Kimberly Parry

"Cheyenne Burnett is a passionate and powerful speaker. The fact that TEDxWoodinville was Cheyenne’s first “major” stage speaks volumes—both to her talent as a speaker and to her stage presence. Her delivery was that of a seasoned professional, and the audience (including myself) was powerfully affected by her message. As a colleague, Cheyenne was genuinely supportive of the entire TEDxWoodinville team, and I hope to share more stages with her in the future!"

Dr. George Birnbach

"Listening to Cheyenne, I was deeply moved by the gravity of her message. With a blend of scientific research and heartfelt anecdotes, she delved into the complexities and challenges faced by many who undergo breast augmentation, emphasizing the importance of awareness and informed decision-making. What truly resonated was Cheyenne's genuine passion and ability to connect with the audience, sharing personal experiences and evidence-backed insights, making her session both impactful and deeply relatable."

Stephen Berkley

"Cheyenne's courage to speak out about the pernicious possibilities that accompany breast implants and her very real and debilitating illness was riveting, enlightening and inspiring. Her message is a powerful plea that we all pay attention to our inner voices, seek knowledge, and take control of our health. Further, as a fellow speaker on the TEDxWoodinville team, her support and presence was a tremendous asset."

Ways Cheyenne Can Serve Your Community

Cheyenne Burnett is a captivating and dynamic speaker who can deliver powerful and emotionally charged keynote presentations at both live and virtual events. Cheyenne also offers a transformative three-step BII healing program, which has the potential to bring about lasting change in the lives of women suffering from Breast Implant Illness. What's more, Cheyenne is open to an affiliate agreement to those who help promote and share her program, allowing her to serve both you and your community greatly.


Cheyenne's Most Requested Signature Talks


Breaking the Silence:
Breast Implant Illness Exposed

In this wildly eye-opening talk, Cheyenne Burnett, the creator of www.ExplantSecrets.com addresses a hidden and pervasive issue affecting millions of women worldwide: Breast Implant Illness (BII). Join us as we explore a journey of empowerment and discovery, led by a survivor who faced this silent epidemic herself, head-on. With unwavering courage, Cheyenne navigated a labyrinth of misdiagnoses and disbelief to uncover the truth about the devastating impact breast implants can have on the human body. This compelling talk sheds light on the urgent need for awareness, research, and support for those grappling with this life-altering condition.


You Are Not The Problem,
Unrealistic Beauty Standards are

In this thought-provoking talk Cheyenne delve's deep into the pervasive influence of unrealistic beauty ideals and their detrimental impact on our self-worth and mental health. This session is all about realigning our concept of beauty with what's truly healthy and real. We'll explore how to break free from the confines of airbrushed and edited perfection and instead celebrate the beauty found in genuine, diverse bodies. By the end of this talk, you'll be equipped with practical tools to redefine your relationship with beauty, fostering a more authentic, self-loving perspective that rejects the notion that you are the problem, while championing the idea that REAL bodies are beautiful bodies.

What Your Audience Will Learn:

  • ​How To Challenging Unrealistic Beauty Standards: Cheyenne's talk encourages a critical examination of the damaging influence of unrealistic beauty ideals, highlighting their negative effects on self-worth and mental health.
  • ​How To Embrace Authentic Beauty: The session focuses on shifting our perception of beauty towards what is genuinely healthy and real, promoting self-acceptance and diversity.
  • ​Practical Tools for Self-Transformation: Attendees will gain actionable tools to redefine their relationship with beauty, fostering self-love and rejecting the harmful notion that they are the problem, while championing the idea that real bodies are indeed beautiful.


What The Women Are Saying


"10000x over recommend Cheyenne and ALL her work! She's incredible!"


"I'm really grateful for her help!
I wouldn't have known what to do without it. Cheyenne and her BII program have been a real gift!"


"Cheyenne is a god send, I don't know how I would have gotten through Breast Implant Illness without her."

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3-part healing program?

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