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Most Common Symptoms of Breast Implant Illness

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What Breast Implants Are REALLY Made Of...

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Can My Breast Implants Give Me Cancer?

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How To Find An Explant Surgeon You Can Trust

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Are My Breast Implants Poisoning Me?

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Ride or Die to Brad, Momma to Ando and Founder of Explant Secrets.

I’m a Wife, Mother, Women’s Health Warrior, Breast Implant Illness Survivor, Author, Speaker, Coach, and the Host of my top-ranked Podcast, Explant Secrets With Cheyenne Burnett. Welcome to my little slice of the internet! Go ahead and kick those awesome shoes off and stay a while!

Wether you are just starting the research phase or you've already explanted and need help with the next best steps,
Explant Unleashed has everything you need
to make a fully informed decision about your health and have an actual real chance at healing both physically and emotionally from damage your breast implants have caused.

In this course you will learn:

  • PHASE 01 - RISE: In this phase we will nail down your specific symptoms, discuss the best bii testing and pre-explant detox protocols, and then we will tackle the very real fears that come with considering removing your implants.
  • PHASE 02 - REVIVE: In this phase we are going to do a deep dive into what it means to have your breast implants removed the RIGHT way, how to find a surgeon who is actually qualified to perform an explant surgery when you're ready, how to prepare physically and emotionally for explant surgery, and what testing your surgeon needs to make sure is done once your implants are removed.
  • PHASE 03 - THRIVE: In the third and final phase of Explant Unleashed we will go over everything you need to know post surgery and what action steps to take for the following 12-months so you can do more than just survive this illness, you can really THRIVE!


More than 80% of women with Breast Implants experience symptoms of BII:
Are you one of them? 

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