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​Doctors know best, blood work tells all, and breast implants, well those things are definitely safe.

Believing those three things can keep you sick and running in circles for literal decades, at least it did for me.

​Now don’t get me wrong, we need doctors and there are good ones. But if those doctors don’t know the right questions to ask or what it is they need to be looking for, even the best doctors, with the best intentions, will miss massive red flags and the reality is, our doctors are not being educated about breast implant illness so they don’t know that they NEED to be looking for it.


And because they don’t know that they need to look for it, they don’t know what they need to be looking for. Which is why, when it comes to our specific illness, it's not at all uncommon for our blood work and general test results to fall within a "normal" range.

They are not testing for the right things.

So unless you are working with a doctor who knows the right questions to ask and has access to the right resources for testing you're not only really unlikely to get any of the information you actually need, the testing they subject you to could actually do more harm than good.

Not to mention, traditional Western medicine rarely if ever, actually looks at the whole body. Instead, our system for health, unfortunately, treats each symptom as its own problem, which is exactly why so many of us get sent to specialist after specialist with nothing to show for it but a bunch of medical bills.

So getting the “diagnosis” is without question one of the hardest parts of healing Breast Implant Illness. Currently, there is no specific test that doctors can order that assesses all the potential indicators of Breast Implant Illness, and very few doctors today are even asking if a patient has breast implants before they start diagnosing which means that part of your health history is completely ignored.

That means a massive immune system disruptor, full of toxic chemicals and heavy metals sitting right there on top of your vital organs like your heart and your lungs is not taken into account before they start rattling off diagnoses.

I truly believe that is exactly why I personally was diagnosed with celiac disease, allergy-induced asthma, and chronic ocular migraines AND how all three of those things disappeared the day I had my breast implants removed.

Let me be very clear here, what I just said is not all an over-exaggeration. From the day I had my breast implants removed, I have never had a migraine again. AND both my respiratory and my digestive health immediately improved.

So even though breast implants have been making millions of women sick for over 60 years at this point, we really have to treat BII like a rare disease. AND not because our illness is rare but because it’s rare for doctors to know anything about it, and even more rare that they know how to help us if they do.
But just because most doctors don’t know the right questions to ask and there's no test currently labeled “The BII Test” doesn’t mean the answers you're looking for can’t be found. You just have to change your approach in looking for those answers.

Now personally, I believe, and the doctors and medical professionals I collaborated with when creating the Explant Unleashed BII Healing Course agree, that there is value in testing. However, a traditional medical doctor today is not going to diagnose you with Breast Implant Illness. You are going to have to determine that for yourself and there are a few ways to go about doing so.

The first is to work with your general doctor and focus on the elimination of other possible causes rather than trying to prove Breast Implant Illness is what’s happening to you. This means ruling out things like environmental toxic mold exposure, endometriosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Scleroderma, and even long COVID, and then also understand that if in the process of elimination, you end up with a legitimate diagnosis of something like rheumatoid arthritis, a hormonal imbalance, thyroid issue, autoimmune disease, lyme disease, MS or problems with your heart, lungs, liver, and/or kidneys those are very real, and can also be a very real side-effect of the poisoning happing from your implants.

Please hear me when I say a diagnosis isn’t always the source of your pain. In my experience, more often than not, a diagnosis is just a side effect of the actual underlying issue.

So if you end up being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or other issue the very next question you have to be asking is why? If you are diagnosed with migraines, sluggish liver, or IBS, okay but what caused it?

That is the most important question.

If you decide to go the traditional testing route first, a great first step is to take the FREE "Do I Have Breast Implant Illness" Quiz. I talked about in the last episode because In just a few quick minutes this quiz will provide you with a comprehensive list of all the symptoms you are experiencing right now and email you a printable list to review with your doctor so you can discuss which tests you want run.
I will also say though, knowing what I know now, if I could do it all over again I would skip a lot of the blood work because it just comes back normal most the time anyway and I would go straight to what’s called Epigenetic's testing.

Epigenetics is the study of how our behaviors and environment impact the way our genes work. This is done using hair follicles which, unlike blood that only holds data from the previous 24 hours, hair follicles contain 90 days' worth of information about what's going on in your body. So it gives a much more accurate picture of your overall health.

A little over a week before my explant surgery I was lucky enough to cross paths with Katie Decker, a brilliant Integrative Health Practitioner and Epigenetic Hair Analysis expert. I had already been working diligently on safely removing heavy metals from my body (which we will talk about exactly how I did it in a later episode) and I’d already decided explanting was my next best step when I found Katie, but if I hadn’t I can honestly say the information she was able to give me would have been more than enough to convince me that explanting was the right choice because with just 4 hair follicles Katie was able to provide me a personal digital record that checked 800 individual wellness indicators and how each of those things were affecting my body specifically.

She then provided me a detailed 37-page report that included a complete list of my deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants, and amino acids, and perhaps most importantly for someone suffering from BII, this scan was able to show specific levels of heavy metal and chemical toxins and where my body was burdened by bacteria, fungus, mold, and even parasites. This report showed where my system needed the most support and then Katie was able to walk me through the options she had to offer to give my body that support.

Now, I did the hair follicle test before I explanted but didn’t get the results back until shortly after my surgery. I bring this up because, with Katie's permission, I recorded my personal post-scan analysis call with her which I held in my bed with drains and all, and I have now uploaded it to the "Explant Secrets with Cheyenne Burnett" YouTube Channel and in the Explant Secrets Private Facebook Group which I will link to in today’s show notes so you can watch the whole thing for yourself if you are so inclined.
Just give me a little grace because I am definitely high on pain killers and look a little rough haha. 

Now I can’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t do when it comes to medical tests because legally I can’t offer you medical advice, but what I can do is tell you my experience and after having been through all of this myself and now having helped more than 1,000 other women safely navigate their own Breast Implant Illness Healing and Explant Journeys I have to say, if you have Breast Implants and your health is declining, in my humbled healed opinion it is in your best interest to avoid wasting precious time and financial resources on blood tests and misdiagnoses and instead go straight to explant.

Trust me when I say I know that can be a really hard pill to swallow, but I haven’t worked with a single woman who’s explanted that didn’t see a significant improvement in her health afterward.

Now I know firsthand that me saying that may not make committing to removing your implants any easier and I also want to be clear that explanting may not fix every single symptom you have overnight.

But it also might.

In my case, I had every single one of my most aggressive symptoms either go away completely or get significantly better immediately after my explant surgery. Then within one year, after following the detox protocols I teach in my signature healing course Explant Unleashed, I was able to heal more than 40 symptoms I now contribute directly to my Breast Implants. Including hair loss, premature aging, IBS, and more.

So when it comes to testing for Breast Implant Illness, no, right now there is not a one size fits all test you can take that says yes, you have breast implant illness.

But you do have options.

You can work with your general doctor and focus on diagnosis through the process of elimination. In which case, your results and paper trail are going to mainly focus on what’s not there. Or in some cases, simply name the symptoms you’re already aware you have in the form of a diagnosis but ultimately that is not the route I would take if I was doing it again because the results of typical blood work and urine tests are very unlikely to indicate what the actual problem is or offer any real solution. At least in my experience.

Your second option is to work with someone like Katie. A naturopath, epigenetic's expert, or functional medicine doctor to run more detailed and frankly more effective testing. These types of healthcare professionals can offer tests such as the Epigenetic's one I described that give you a much better understanding of where your body is breaking down, what is actually causing the breakdown, and how your immune system is responding to that stress.

So if having concrete testing done that provides actual evidence you have a problem is important to you, then I would highly encourage you to seek out an epigenetic's expert or functional medicine doctor with experience helping women affected by Breast Implant Illness because those are the professionals in my experience, who are asking better questions and can provide real tangible evidence that your suffering is likely the result of exposure to a toxic cocktail of heavy metals and chemicals. And sis, once you have that proof, the next logical step is identifying the source of that exposure, and if you have breast implants in your body, as hard as this might be to hear right now, the source is without question the bags of poison sitting inside you that we were lied to about and told were safe.

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Hey girl, I just wanted to drop in before I sign off and let you know that I have linked Katie’s info in today's show notes along with Dr. Stacy my absolute favorite functional medicine doctor both of whom personally contributed to my healing, work with clients virtually, and have graciously offered discounts on their services to you just for being part of the Explant Secrets community so be sure to take advantage of that. Just go to www.explantsecrets.com/podcast and click on today's episode and everything you need will be right there. K I look forward to connecting with you in the next episode, it’s a really good one! Eeeee. Haha k love you girl, K bye.


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