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Blood work, normal. 

Thyroid tests, normal. 

Brain scan, normal.  and numerous meetings with specialists also yielded no answers.

On paper I looked fine, healthy even.

And yet, daily I was experiencing…

Sever, chronic fatigue
Debilitating migraines
Neck, chest & shoulder pain
Breast pain and burning
Abdominal pain and cramping
Back pain
Brain Fog
Body itch
Sinus issues
Respiratory issues
Sever digestive Issues
Flu-like symptoms
Cognitive dysfunctions
Chronic inflammation
Hearing issues
Swollen Lymph nodes
Muscle and joint pain
Blurry vision
Sensitivity to sunlight
Weight gain


I felt like I was dying, and yet all the doctors I saw could never tell me why. They just kept prescribing one medication after another and trying to convince me that nothing serious was going on.

But they were wrong, and I knew it.

From the time I got my breast implants in 2010 about every two to three years I would go through this massive wave of symptoms where things felt so much worse and so id sign up to see several specialists, we’d try to figure out what was happening and after id spend a thousand or so dollars with nothing to show for it I’d give up and just go back to dealing with it.

This happened over and over until 2018 when I went to see a friend of mine who’d always had breast implants in the time id known her.

Id heard something a while back about a surgery but when I saw her my jaw literally dropped because she was completely flat. Sexy as hell! And completely flat. Which was a stark contrast to what I always knew because in the past when we’d hung out regularly she was rocking double d’s so this was way different.

I will never forget though how looking at her I couldn’t help but notice how much healthier and better she looked and yet as she started explaining what happened to her and listing off her symptoms, many of which were the very same list of symptoms I just shared with you that I was experiencing myself I could physically feel my body shutting down. I think even said the words “Yeah, that’s probably what’s happening to me too…” but I was not at all willing to actually admit that to myself. I wanted nothing to do with that conversation and I wanted to change the subject immediately. Which I did and then I went as far as never seeing that friend again.

But even though I wasn’t even remotly ready to hear it then, I can honestly say, I don’t know that I would be here with you right now if she hadn’t had the courage to share her story with me then because that was the FIRST time I’d ever really heard of Breast Implant Illness and four years later when I ended up in the ER with those crippling headaches that conversation is what my sweet husband brought up when he said “maybe it’s time for us to consider your breast implants are the problem.” And because Brad made me look at that as a possibility in that moment as I lay in a hospital bed scared to death, I was forced to consider it and the next day when I opened my laptop to google “Is Breast Implant Illness Real?” I couldn’t ignore what I found. Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, everywhere I looked there was other women suffering from the exact same symptoms I had…

So I couldn’t ignore it anymore I had to admit to myself that this could in fact be the source of all the health problems I’d accumulated over the last ten years.

What I didn’t know was that in finally reaching the place where I could admit to myself that breast implant illness was a legitimate possibility, I set in motion a chilling sequence of events.

As I dove in deeper to my research it was like the ominous start to a horror movie, where one seemingly small, innocent decision opens the door to a nightmarish world of concealed truths, sinister deceptions, and a profit-driven scheme preying directly on the well-being of millions of women. As I peeled back the layers of this terrifying tale, I unearthed shocking secrets that have remained hidden for literal decades and the horror isn’t just in what breast implants are doing to us. It’s in the willingness of medical communities worldwide to go to incredible lengths to hide it.

So Explant Secret No. 01 is, it was never about what implants could do for us.

Not sure if you believe me yet?

I get it, so let’s go through a little history lesson on exactly how it is we got here.

Hold on to your tits. No literally hold on to those things because they probably hurt right now. So pick those babies up and pay close attention.

You ready?

Okay… So Dr. Frank Gerow was born and raised in Canada but after he finished medical school he decided to migrate to the US because well, capitalism. He had chosen to pursue plastic surgery and his primary focus was money and incase you’re unfamiliar the medical system in the US is also heavily focus around making money.

So in 1960, he moved.

He did his residency in the US where he met Dr. Cronin and in a weird stroke of evil genius one day as Dr. Gerow was doing rounds he was carrying a warm bag of blood. This was literally one of the first day they’d started putting blood in plastic bags instead of in glass bottles and as he is walking down the hall squishing it in his hand he thinks to himself “well by golly that feels like a boob” and that’s how the whole things started.

Okay he probably didn’t sound like that. He was Canadian not backwoods red neck but that is how he got the idea. Now at the same time Dr. Gerow has this idea there also just so happened to be a company on the rise called DOW with a revolutionary new material that could be made into a solid, liquid, or gel, which they called silicone.

Manufacturers had originally designed silicone around world war 2 for things like lubricating jet engines but post war they needed new ways to keep the dollars rolling in so they started looking for ways to branch out and Dr. Gerow knew that so as soon as he got done with his rounds he called this company directly and pitched his idea that day to see if they’d consider making a breast implant out of thier fancy material and of course the answer was yes. So in 1962 they developed the first silicone breast implant prototype.

Side note, here’s something insane. Before this other doctors had actually experimented with the same idea using things like wood chips, glass beads, and yarn. But at the end of World War 2 a confluence of circumstances allowed civilian access to barrels of liquid silicone being stored in a Japanese harbor and because of the American interest in bigger breasts Japanese sex workers actually stole it and started injecting it directly into there bodies.

Doctors then caught on and started to actually offer it as a procedure and it was an absolute nightmare because the silicone immediately caused a massive inflammatory immune system response and destroyed the surrounding tissue. So it quickly became an illegal procedure and I am sure you can guess how much follow up was done on the long term side effects those women faced. None, it was none.

Now World War 2 ended in 1945 so fast forward to these two doctors in 1962 who (knowingly or unknowingly) literally went and did the exact same thing again but this time they decided to put what we know for certain is a super dangerous poison inside a soft bag made from the same poison. Becasue, thats got to be safer, right? Some how they convinced the right people it was because in no time at all they had a prototype ready, and then they implanted it into a dog.

A girl dog of course, named Esmeralda. And when that poor dog didn’t die right away they said “great, now we are ready to put it into a person.”

I’m not even kidding, that was the extent of their research ladies. No further testing was done. And as for Esmeralda, well she was the proud owner of the first silicone breast implant for a grand total of two weeks before she kept chewing at the stitches so much they took it out.

I couldn’t make this shit up. Implanting a dog with a bag full of toxic ingredients for two fucking weeks was enough for these guys to say “yep seem fine lets go ahead a put it in women’s body for decades.”

And THAT is only the beginning.

Once the money started pouring in, the lies, and lengths they went to to make sure we were willing to pay them to do this to us… well if your anything like me, your stomach will be turning.

So I want to take a moment here to connect with you on your journey because it is not lost on me how scary these next episodes might actually get because I am going to blow the doors wide open and show you just how far these people are willing to go to make sure you don’t have a voice. So please here me when I say, you do.

You do have a voice.

You do matter.

Your health and your life matter to me.

Which is exactly why I have made it my mission to help as many woman as possible suffering from Breast Implant Illness like I did, find an effective and affordable path to safely detox and healing both physcially and emotionally from these deadly devices.

You are NOT alone in this.

So until next time, be kind to yourself and don’t be afraid to stay just a little bit rebellious.

See you soon.

Bluper sound - Hey girl, nope still not a bluper. Im back with another quick after show message. Is this going to be a thing, I dunno it might be a thing. Anyway, at the begging of this episode I shared a long list of many of the symptoms I personally experience when I was at the hight of my suffering with Breast Implant Illness but I want to make sure you know that there are actually more than 50 common, and serious side effects directly assiociated with breast implants and though I am going to cover them in length in later episodes I want you to have that information right now because one of the best things you can do for yourself if you think your breast implants might be making you sick is reviewing that list and taking an honest account of how many of those symptoms you actually have. Which is exactly why if you go to www.explantsecrets.com right now there is a FREE quiz waiting for you that will cover all of them and then send you the list of your specific symptoms so you have a real account of whats happening to you that you can share with your doctor.

So check it out. That’s explantsecrets.com and the quiz is right there on the first page for you along with a few other free resources if your interested. So go fill up your drive with all the cool free stuff I’ve made for you and I will see you in the next episode.

K bye.

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