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Hey its your girl Cheyenne and before we dive into todays episode of your favorite podcast ever I want to quickly acknowledge YOU, because YOU are listening to this podcast and that is incredible because you are listening knowing that I could say something you dont want to hear but I could also say something that will change your life for the better and you are brave enough to tune in...


And that is actually REALLY something. So many woman are to afraid to learn about the dangers of breast implants because they know once they learn about it they are going to have to face that truth head on and we both know how hard that can really be SO congradu-freaking-lations, seriously for being brave enough to listen. You are so strong, you are so brave, and you are so incredibly beautiful. I am honored to get to serve you. So let's role that super cool intro I have because, well, I love it and then let's dive in to a BUNCH of stuff nobody is talking about but everyone should be!

Let’s do this…

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Hey guuurl! Man do I have an enormous amount of information to cover with you. There is some wild stuff happening right now with the FDA and breast implant manufactures trying to keep the truth hidden, there are new cancer warnings being “required” but not actually being shared, there are horror stories left and right about surgeons specifically one in Texas who is claiming to be a breast implant illness and explant expert but is doing a massive about of damage both physically and emotionally and charging an arm and a leg for it so theres a LOT we need to cover which is exactly why I’ve decided this week we are going to focus on the questions I get asked the most. So if you’re new to the Explant Secrets Podcast, as of the date of this recording I have personally helped more than 1,000 woman safely navigate their breast implant illness and explant journeys and in doing so I have learned that most of us have a lot of the same questions. The problem is getting the REAL answers to those questions isn’t always that simple. So this episode is part one of the most common questions (and answers) that I get asked as a women's health warrior and breast implant illness advocate.

Question Number One:
How do you know it’s really Breast Implant Illness and not something else?

This question is a really important one to talk about because the expectation doctors have set is that diagnosing this illness is really hard, and we certainly can make it hard. In episode six we discussed a bunch of test you can do to determine whats happening in your body and ways to prove your breast implants are actually the problem which usually looks like a long list of tests to determine what you don’t have first.

But the answer to this question can also be really simple. Hard to hear perhaps, but really simple, because the reality is if you have breast implants or even if you had them in the past and did not receive a full capsulectomy or enbloc than the toxic contents of your breast implants are impacting your immune system negatively and putting you at risk for cancer. This is without question. This is also not my opinion, this is fact. Now what that looks like for you can range widely which is why we have a list of over 50 common symptoms women with our illness experience and I will link that list to the show notes of this episode for you so you can easily find it. It’s also on the first page of www.explantsecrets.com.

But to give it to you straight as they say, if you have breast implants you are without question going to experience a foreign body reaction which can range from mild to life threatening and is also likely to worsen over time.

If you have breast implants, without question, your vital organs are being exposed to somewhere between 40 and 80 different chemicals and heavy metals from the inside regardless of if your implants are silicone or saline filled.

If you have breast implants you are at risk of cancers caused by breast implants such as Breast Implant-Associated B Cell Lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system. Breast Implant-Associated Squamous Cell Carcinoma, and they are finding many more.

So my sweet friend, as hard as this might be to hear, and trust me I did NOT want to hear it either, but the truth is, if you have breast implants and you are in any way sick or unhealthy, in my opinion, which is mostly what this podcast is, it would impossible for something that is knowingly taxing your immune system and exposing you to poison from the inside to not at very least be a contributing factor if not the complete source. Right?

Right okay, moving on.

Question Number Two:
Is it safe to start detoxing before you remove your implants?

Detoxing both pre and post-explant is a super hot topic and one that unfortunately has a LOT of different opinions circulating which can make it super confusing and overwhelming to know what’s true.
This is actually one of the reasons I started this podcast and blog in the first place because the amount of false information circulating in the big popular Facebook groups and on BII-specific websites is actually super dangerous.

So my simple answer is yes, it is safe to start detoxing right now regardless of if you’ve removed your breast implants yet or not. I actually think you should because you deserve to feel better, right now! HOWEVER, it is only safe if you do it the right way. If you do this wrong you can make yourself incredibly sick so I just decided right now, that we are going to cover detoxing in length in the next episode, because you need to know this stuff and you deserve to start feeling better today so we will go over all of that next week and uhh spoiler alert, it doesn’t require a bunch of expensive supplements and you probably have most everything you need already. So I give you my word I will cover the “how to detox safely and inexpensively” in length next week.

K moving on to...

Question Number Three: 
What is the difference between an En Bloc and a Total Capsulectomy and why do I need that?

To answer this question we really need to first start with another question, which is “What is a capsule?” A capsule is the term used for the scare tissue your body creates around your implants after they are placed. This happens because your body immediately recognizes that the implants are a dangerous foreign object and in an effort to protect you and your vital organs such as your heart and lungs your body actually starts forming a barrier of tissue around the implant. This tissue becomes extremely toxic and inflamed because it's the part of your body in direct contact with the implant and is first to absorb the toxic chemicals and heavy metals the implants leach out.

Think of it like this if your implant is an orange, a really toxic, life threatening orange, but an orange none the less. The inside of the orange would be the implant, the pulp would be the capsule scare tissue, and the outer peel would be the surrounding muscle.

If and when you decide to remove your implants its critically important for your healing that all of the diseased capsule tissue is also removed, not just the implant, because if that diseased tissue is left behind your immune system will still be triggered and your body will still be exposed to all the poisons that tissue absorbed.

Now "En bloc" is a French term that means "all together" or "as a whole" and in regards to breast implant removal, an en bloc procedure is when your surgeon, removes the implant and all the diseased capsule tissue as a whole without breaking the capsule. This prevents the implant itself from coming into contact with healthy tissue, and also ensures that nothing within the capsule escapes into your chest cavity.
This is the preferred method for breast implant removal because when done properly, it gives us the best possible chance at a full recovery from the symptoms caused by breast implant poisoning. Also known as Breast Implant Illness.

This is the procedure that has the best rate of women experiencing a full recovery from BII but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have risks. Capsule tissue can expand into the ribs, up past the collar bone and even around your sides and dissecting capsule tissue away from these places is not only difficult, it can run the risk of injuring intercostal muscles or even your lungs. Which is why it is so so important that you work with a surgeon who knows what they are doing.

And unfortunately, all surgeons are NOT created equal and they do not all have the ability to provide this kind of procedure safely. Just because a surgeon can put implants in, does NOT mean they have the skill to take them out in a way that will actually help you heal and in my experience, if they can’t do this safely they don’t say “I can’t do it safely.” Instead, they say things like “It isn’t safe to do.” Which are two very, very different things!

With the right surgeon this can be and is a safe procedure.

I will link to my blog post about finding a surgeon you can trust in the show notes of this episode too incase that's where you’re at.

Explant Secrets Blog With Cheyenne Burnett / How To Find An Explant Surgeon You Can Trust

Now a Total Capsulectomy is when your surgeon still removes the implant and all the deceased scare tissue however, with this approach the goal is not to take everything out in one piece. Instead, the capsule may come out in several pieces. This can be effective but comes with its owns risks. Such as being exposed to whats inside the capsule as it’s broke open or even having capsule tissue left behind which again, is why the surgeon you pick is arguably one of the most important decision you will ever make when it comes to healing from Breast Implant Illness.

Now I know that all sounds a bit scary and truthfully I didn’t really want to cover this stuff on the podcast just yet because if you’re still on the fence about if you want to remove your implants or not I don't want this to scare you. But you also really need to know this stuff. So if this just felt like a lot please take a big breath and know you are going to be okay. If and when you are ready to discuss implant removal I will help you. I will help you ask all the right questions, I will help you find a surgeon you can trust, and I will do everything in my power to ensure you have the best possible chance at healing from this. So girl you’ve got this, and I’ve got you.

We will certainly delve deeper into this topic in future episodes when we explore the surgical aspects of healing and I share my personal explant surgery stories however, I prefer to try to keep these episode to around 15 minutes or so because I feel like it’s nice to be able to start and finish an episode while you drink a cup of coffee or drop kids off at school. I dunno, it just makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something If I can finish and episode in that time so that’s why it was important to me that I created that for you! Let me know how you feel about it! Since this is for you… so how you feel is what matters. 

And speaking of 15 minute cut offs we are there so I am going to wrap this episode up here and get to work for you on that detox episode for next week. We will also do this more often where we cover frequently asked questions so if you have a specific question you’d like to have me answer drop it in a comment on Apple Podcasts or on the Explant Secrets Instagram and speaking of those two things if you are loving this podcast please like and share it. And if you’re feeling extra generous take a few minutes right now to leave me a review on apple podcasts. Even if it's just one word it really helps the show which really helps me reach more women that deserve to know they are not alone in this. And we all deserve to know that. 

Thanks girl, talk to you soon!

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