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Imagine a chilling reality where those we’ve been taught to trust with our very lives become the architects of our darkest nightmares. A sinister string of doctors conspire to profit billions, and do, by simply convincing women we are not good enough and that surrendering to their scalpel and allowing them to place bags of poison inside our bodies is the only way to change that. Then when the poison kicks in and our health declines, all they have to do is tell us getting sick is our fault.

You’re just getting older… OR Thats what being a mom feels like…

This sounds crazy, right?

It sounds like some Hollywood horror movie in the making and I wish that’s all it was, but the truth is, for millions of women that’s exactly what the plastic surgery industry has been allowed to do to us with breast implants.
Despite what too many doctors and surgeons today still claim, Breast Implant Illness is very real and breast implants are deadly.

How do I know? Well because in 2010 I became the proud owner of my very own set. They were spectacular! And man would I be lying if I didn’t tell you that 19 year old Cheyenne fully expected my confidence to skyrocket and door after door of opportunity to open up for me after that.

But that didn’t happen…

Instead, in less than a year from the time my implants were put in, any confidence I felt they had given me vanished as I endured agonizing symptoms including severe acne, burning skin, and excruciating headaches.

But because none of the doctors I saw made the connection and I had no idea this could happen, my symptoms were masked by one medication or another and my once vibrant personality eroded into a depression riddled decade-long struggle of unexplained chronic illness. Over those 10 years one symptom turned into 40 and despite my desperate plea for help no medical specialist could ever give me answers.

I didn’t know it then but the real reason they couldn’t give me answers is because what I was suffering from the plastic surgery industry has gone to great lengths to keep secret. So despite what they want you to believe, I was suffering from Breast Implant Illness, and you might be too.

My wake up call came shortly after my 32nd birthday when I’d tucked my sweet little boy into bed and cuddled up next to the love of my life Brad on our couch down stairs. Frequent headaches for me were normal, but that night… everything changed.

Our older daughter Bella had come up stairs and as Brad stood up to talk with her I heard a lowed agonizing scream. It took me a minute to realize that that scream was actually coming from me… I was grasping my head so tightly because it felt like someone was splitting it open with a hatched. I tried desperately to stop reacting so I didn’t scare anyone but I couldn’t, I’d never felt that much pain before.

After what felt like hours or days it finally stopped and through my tear filled eyes I tried to reassure my husband I was okay, but he knew I wasn’t.
I said I just needed to lay down and convinced our daughter she should go to bed. But an hour later Brad asked her to come right back up because I could still feel my pulse in my eyes and the right side of my body had begun to go numb.

We headed to the emergency room that night and in the car I tried to be brave but I held Brads hand and started to cry because I was so scared…
We arrived at the ER and I was quickly taken back because the fear was I was having a stroke. Several pokes, tests, and hours came and went and eventually a diagnosis was reached.

Ocular Migraines.

I was told I’d likely need to continue to take medication the rest of my life since the frequency and severity of my headaches had been consistently increasing and now they’d landed here, in the emergency room, in the middle of night.

The one question no one could seem to answer for me though, was why?

Why was this happening to me?

Why had my headaches started?

And why were they getting so much worse?

It wasn’t just the headaches either. No one could explain why on paper I seemed fine and yet I could no longer climb a flight of stairs without having to stop to catch my breath.

Or why my memory was fading and word recall was failing…

I felt like if I left it up to the doctors to figure our I’d die before they did and that very real fear that I wouldn’t get to be there to raise my little boy is honestly what saved my life because I wasn’t going leave him without knowing I’d done everything in my power to try to stay. So after recovering for a day or so I settled back in at home and I got to work logging more than 400 hours of my own research which is how I ended up finding the back door to all the bull shit they’ve been hiding from us this whole time.

Like how the FDA made a deal that allowed more than 400,000 negative reports of direct harm donw by breat implants look like just one, or the fact that breast implants are directly linked to more than 50 serious side effects, and as of right now are known for sure to cause at least three deadly cancers. Not to mentioned, in over 60 years on the market, with more than 35 MILLION of us having had theses things implanted into our bodies, not one single study was ever done that proved breast implants wouldn’t hurt us.

So needless to say, after a LOT of tears and working through an enormous amount of guilt and self loathing on August 17th 2022 I chose to my breast implants removed the right way and and just one short year later more than 40 symptoms I now contribute directly to my implants are gone and my mission couldn’t be more clear.

Now I’m not telling you this because I expect you to run to the nearest plastic surgeon and get your implants out immediately, I actually hope you don’t because there is so much more you need to know before you can safely take that step, but I do hope that hearing this part of my story helps you find the courage to at least consider that your breast implants are the problem, and trust me, after getting my own health back and now having helped more than 1,000 other women safely navigate their own breast implant illness and explant journeys, I know how much courage that really takes.

Every horror movie has its villain, but you know what else it has… a survivor. And this survivor isn’t going to stand by and let countless other women suffer.

So wether you’re at the beginning of this journey and still deciding if you think Breast Implant Illness is what’s happening to you or if you’ve already explanted and are searching for the next best steps to heal, this podcast is going to give you all of those answers.

Carol Caldwell once said “In as society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.”

Are you feeling rebellious?

Because I am and I am about to make you question just about everything you currently believe about health, and beauty.

"Blooper cut sound" - Hey! No this isn’t a blooper I just want to drop in really quick before signing off and tell you how truly proud of you I am. I know how scary this whole thing can be and the fact that you just finished listening to the intro episode of the Explant Secrets Podcast means you're willing. You're willing to seek out the truth even when it's scary as hell. You're willing to consider putting your health at the top of your priorities list and most importantly right now, you're willing to consider that your breast implants might be the problem. But don’t worry, that doesn't mean you have to commit to taking them out right now. We actually have a LOT more to cover to ensure sure you have all the information you need to make a fully informed decision about your health and your life. So take a big deep belly breath and hear me when I say, I’ve got you. I love you, and everything is going to be okay.

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Wether you are just starting the research phase or you've already explanted and need help with the next best steps, Explant Unleashed has everything you need to make a fully informed decision about your health and have an actual real chance at healing both physically and emotionally from the damage your breast implants have caused.

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