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Girl, the fact that you are here, with me right now means you’ve come face to face with the fact that to this day, there has never been a single study or clinical trial that proves breast implants won’t hurt you and the people that make them are literally quoted on internal documents calling breast implants profoundly toxic.


So just in case you didn’t know, the fact that you are listening to me right now, even though it’s scary, and even though you might not love what you hear, makes you a f**king warrior, and I am so very proud of you.

Up until this point we’ve covered a lot about what studies were NOT done so I want to switch gears in this episode a little bit and share with you what research DID find. Because as jaw-dropping as the history behind how we got here is, the purpose of this podcast is to help YOU, right now. So I want to share with you what I found in an article published by Dr. Henry Dijkman, in the Department of Pathology for a university in the Netherlands in 2016.

I will put a link to the article in the show notes so you can see it for yourself but in this report, he discusses the results of tests done on a patient who received breast implants in 1985 (So 9 years after the FDA started monitoring medical devices and 7 years before the first ban on silicone breast implants happened) K so this woman gets her breast implants put in in 1985 and in 1997 her doctor reported that she had developed “adverse reactions to her implants”, but what he didn’t do was document exactly what those reactions were. Failure number one. Fast forward to 2001 after multiple complications she was convinced by her plastic surgeon to remove the implants and replace them with new ones in which she quickly developed a capsular contracture that also had to be corrected. Failure number two, and Three.

And for clarity's sake, just so I make sure we are 100% on the same page here, a capsule is what they call the scar tissue that forms around your breast implant after it's put it. This happens to all of us regardless of if you have silicone-filled implants or saline ones, or if the implant is placed above or behind the muscle because what's happening is your body is literally going “Oh shit I have a massive foreign object inside of me that isn’t suppose to be there” and in an effort to protect your vital organs from exposure your body creates a literal wall of tissue around the implant. Think of it like an orange. A really toxic, moldy, potentially cancer-causing orange. The orange itself would be the implant and the peel would be the capsule.

K, now a capsular contracture is when that capsule tissue your body puts around the implant to try and protect you, hardens and tightens which causes it to squeeze your implant and if you google it right now you will find that the cause of this is believed to be an excessive fibrotic foreign body reaction to the implant. Meaning your body knows this is super dangerous and it is not supposed to be there and your immune system is freaking out that it is.

And though many plastic surgeons treat this like no big deal it's actually a really serious complication because once started a capsular contracture does not go away on its own and it greatly increased the risk of your breast implant rupturing or leaking.

Now we know that the contents of the breast implants make their way out of the silicone shell into our bodies regardless of a rupture or leak through gel bleed but do you remember back in episode two when we talked about doctors in Japan injecting women with silicone directly and how it destroyed their tissue and made them extremely sick? It did so much damage to so many women in such a short amount of time that they immediately banned it as a procedure. That same exact stuff is what is in the silicone breast implants today so if you have a leak or a rupture that damage to your body is going to be very similar to those women almost 80 years ago who suffered from silicone poisoning from it being directly injected instead of put in a bag first.

Now I also want to be very clear that if you have saline implants that does not mean you're safe. Yes, saline implants contain salt water, but they also contain between 40 and 80 different chemicals and heavy metals in that salt water that if leaked into your body are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. And both Saline and silicone breast implants have the ability to grow mold inside of them which can make you deathy sick.

Now today we have several different popular brands of breast implants circulating made by different manufacturers using different combinations of chemicals and heavy metals so if you are interested in finding out exactly what your breast implants are made of I wrote a blog that I will link you to in the show notes of this episode where I actually hunted down the long list of chemicals and heavy metals that are used in making or contained inside the currently FDA-approved breast implants from different popular manufacturers such as Allergan, Mentor, Ideal, and Sientra. These lists come directly from the manufacturers and the FDA's Safety and Effectiveness Data sheets which the blog links to as well so you can see it right from the source yourself.

So circling back now to our sweet friend in 2001 after multiple complications she was convinced by her plastic surgeon to remove the implants and replace them with new ones and shortly after that developed a capsular contracture.

At that point, it was documented that she was complaining of pain and burning in her breasts, swollen lymph nodes in her armpit, and she was also experiencing severe memory issues, problems walking, she was unable to sleep, she had significant bowel function issues, and even skin rash and then she also began to experience sudden numbness in her the legs. Are these symptoms ringing any bells? Because they sure did for me.

So in 2002, both her one-year-old implants were removed.
Just one year later she went back under the knife because a reaction to silicone particles was causing massive swelling in the lymph nodes in her armpits, so they removed those too.

Her lymph nodes, not her armpits.

Two weeks later the same thing happened to the lymph nodes in her groin and two years later she developed an invasive ductal carcinoma which is cancer that we know now is directly linked to breast implants, and unfortunately that cancer did kill her.

But she did not die for nothing because before passing this lady, the saint she is, knew her breast implants were why she was saying so she agreed to donate her body to further investigate the science of “Silicone Implant Incompatibility Syndrome” or SIIS which is one of the many names given to Breast Implant Illness over the 60+ years breast implants have been on the market and because of that, during the autopsy, tissue samples of multiple organs including her heart, lungs, liver, digestive system, brain and spinal cord were collected that later confirmed that silicone had in fact made it’s way throughout her entire body.

Now I know that was just a really heavy way to start our time together today but it’s so important that you understand how serious this illness can really be and why taking the steps necessary to heal quickly is so important. But also I want to remind you that I am sitting here in front of you right now having suffered severely from Breast Implant Illness myself for more than 10 years and today I am healthier than ever, so we can come back from this.

But if you’re feeling really scared right now, that’s okay. Being scared is the perfect thing to feel when it comes to this. If you’re angry right now, man do I get that, and being angry is also the perfect thing to feel right now. Just don’t be angry with yourself, because you didn’t do this, they did. You didn’t make yourself sick, the plastic surgery industry did. You didn’t force this illness on the people you love, the manufacturers and the doctors who lied to you about the safety of their products did.

What you did was find the courage to trust that inner voice that’s saying something is really wrong. What you did was decide your health and life are important enough to fight for and that is exactly what we are going do together. We are going to fight. So buckle up up butter cup cuz it’s only getting better from here.

“Knock Knock” Hey no this isn’t a blooper I just wanted to let you know that in the very unlikely event that the information I shared with you today didn’t do it for you and you feel like “You know what I really need more proof,” I have listed several links to various articles on PubMed and the FDA directly in the show notes of this episode that support the fact that breast implant illness is very real and breast implants are deadly so if you’re interested go through those! And I’ll see you in the next episode.


Link to the article written by Dr. Henry Dijkman, in the Department of Pathology for a university in the Netherlands in 2016:

Link to the blog post I wrote that details your breast implant's ingredients: 


Additional Sources For Proof that Breast Implant Illness Is Real: 















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